theshadowpanther: (giant in chains)

here, we watch as the angels overhead fly

and wish for our own wings which to beat

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Name:a giant pausing to survey the land which to till
Birthdate:May 22
Website:abandon doubt, ye who enter here - Wordpress blog
TheShadowPanther, a giant striding forth with purpose
[formerly: giant in chains
formerly: a giant breaking free from its chains
formerly: a giant standing free from broken chains
formerly: a giant walking free from broken chains
formerly: a giant standing free looking about
formerly: a giant striding forth with purpose]

Hi! I'm your average insane-as-heck just-graduated-from-college ex-student, newly minted as an alumna (!). I am/was an English major and kind of obsessed with creative writing (makes sense, doesn't it) and fan fiction, although I have branched out into original fiction and received pretty good feedback on that so far. Just as soon as I get that inspiration back that I've been hoping so madly for I'll complete it and then send it out again, stretch out feelers and whatnot. As of now, my plans are to take the summer off, look for a job and whatnot, then apply to grad school. These grad schools options consist of that awesome publishing course at Columbia that is seriously the shortest graduate school ever. OR, also at Columbia, that nice MFA program they have, with a literary translation combination option that sounds like the best thing ever. Continuing Chinese ftw!

ETA 7/4/2015 - Ignore all of the above. I am now taking pre-requisite science classes (yes, I went back to school, irony of ironies) in order to prepare for my entry into veterinary school. I hope to go to Michigan State University (yeah, Spartans!!!) or a vet school somewhere in New Hampshire. I have faltered in fanfiction AND original fanfiction writing, but I'm still doodling here and there and everywhere with my little nothings, so we'll see how it turns about.

I'm much less anxious about my future now that I know where the hell I'm going - I can tell you it's a huge relief being far from feeling the pressure of deadlines and editors breathing down my back. Much better. Plus, animals! Who can say no to that???? No one, that's who!

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I've taken the Modest Pledge of 150k/year for Get Your Words Out 2016! Come over and join me if you want to join in on the fun!

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